Making global trusted collaboration accessible today on the Blockchain

BlockCerts is a blockchain-based token platform that strives to reshape human transactions through speed, efficiency, accuracy and trust. Here at BlockCerts, we’re passionate about making it simple for more people, businesses and organizations to access blockchain technology to collaborate, complete secure transactions, and make global connections.

Located in Victoria, BC with offices across the U.S and team members spread across the globe, with partners in Mumbai, Cairo, Singapore, Mauritius, and ever expanding, BlockCerts embraces partnership, creating its own chain of innovation that extends across the world.


Tim Vasko, Founder and CEO BlockCerts and Finaeos

“It is our primary mission to become a thriving global brand that empowers all people and organizations to collaborate through Blockchain to achieve their purpose, reaching beyond gender, cultural bias, and monetary inequality”.

Tim Vasko is MIT Fintech Certified, Oxford University Blockchain Certified, a member of Canadian Technology Accelerators, Government of Canada, and National Research Council Canada. Leading with his extensive knowledge and expertise, Tim and his development team have spent 1.5 million development hours creating a blockchain application layer and infrastructure to power the smarter businesses of tomorrow.


Blockchain in a Box

The world’s first Blockchain App for Consumers and Businesses, BCERTin is the out-of-the-box SaaS solution for everything from healthcare to real estate to your daily transactions. Available in both Smartphone App and desktop, BCERTin is here to secure and authenticate users into one integrated platform, to automate activities, cut business costs and transform efficiencies. With BlockCerts, you now have a trusted partner that will accelerate your business and put the advantages of the blockchain within your reach.


Use Cases, White Label and Consulting

The Finaeos team, a part of BlockCerts, has processed millions of transactions and consults with mid-sized businesses, enterprises and governments. BlockCerts is also known as “The BlockCerts Inside” because our application layer powers tailored applications in numerous industries from healthcare to banking. Fill-out a Use Case Form and let us review your specific needs.